22 de mar de 2007

The Chronicles of the Faerie: The Summer King

"The Summer King is a haunting, absorbing, and lavishly told tale set in both present day Ireland and the world of Fairy.

Laurel, an 18-year old girl who is grieving the death of her twin sister Honor, returns to Ireland and the scene of her twin's death to try and find out who killed her sister. While the devastated family thinks it was an accident, Laurel, armed with her sister's puzzling journals, believes her sister was led into something unsavory. She finds, in addition to other disturbing entries, odd references to little people, in particular one little man. She's also starting to be plagued with dreams.

Upon arrival in Ireland, Laurel finds her old boyfriend Ian Grey, who she was with the day her sister died, still nursing hurt that she had left him. She blamed him for her not being there to save her sister. These young people have lots of angst and passion to work out and that alone could fill a book, but wait: There's the small matter of a cluricaun, something like a leprechaun but a little darker. This little guy reminds me of a small Bacchus, always toting around his poteen and pissing drunk when he's not lying through his teeth.(...)"

Uma história encantada com conflitos emocionais, passada na Irlanda e onde aparece um cluricaun safado? Eu QUERO este livro! :D

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