17 de jun. de 2009

The Gospel of Poing

Nonsense is the law. The Law is nonsense...

7:53 PM 1: you've got the poing :)
8:00 PM 2: the poing too
8:02 PM 1: of course. it's of foremost importance to have the poing! :D
8:03 PM 2: the poing is the essence of life
and propper communication of course
8:04 PM 1: of course! that's why every bard, blogger and tongue-bearing being must visit the Oracle of Poing at least once in their lives! :)
8:05 PM 2: the oracle of poing, two right corners beyond the Temple of Ping
8:07 PM 1: Yes! You know the way! You must be one of the 47 Chosen Beings of Poing!!!
8:08 PM (45 on sundays, when 2 of them become lightposts)
8:12 PM 2: Yes, I am one of those lucky bastards, and also a priest of the magical and ludicrous Real of Ping, aming for the perfection of Ping Poing Chi Wisdom
8:13 PM 1: Aaargh! Blessed be thy spleen!!!
8:14 PM 2: Oh, my apleen actually got a cold this afternoon, it went off on vacation for a fortnight, you know?
But I´ll leave it a note on your behalf, thank you very much!
1: It's so kind of you. It would be most saddening to have my blessings misgiven...
8:15 PM 2: or misleaded, i dread say

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Anonymous Pata said...

Obrigada por atualizar o link.

6/23/2009 01:55:00 PM  
Blogger Daniel Duende said...

Já tinha atualizado há uns dias. =)

6/23/2009 02:16:00 PM  

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